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Our Pre-K program is designed to develop the skills that your child needs in preparation for a more structured classroom environment. This is the year for “readiness”

Readiness is the decisive factor in placing a child in the classroom. In order to have a successful experience, a child should be ready in all skill areas: SOCIAL, EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL, And COGNITIVE. Readiness skills include, but are not limited to:

Social and emotional maturity Fine motor skills Gross motor and coordination skills Desire and interest to learn new concepts. The ability to listen to and follow directions Completing a task within a given time period Desire to participate, to ask questions

It is not only what the child has learned before entering Kindergarten, but how the child learns that is the key to a successful Kindergarten experience. It is not only letter recognition, sounds, and basic math concepts that the Kindergarten teacher looks for in entering students. It is the skills and behaviors that enable the student to learn these concepts, and to learn them without frustration.

Learning seems to come naturally and with ease when a child is interested, self-motivated and eager to learn. Our hope is that our program brings out the natural curiosity and love of learning that we know is part of each child. The child going to Kindergarten should be ready in all skill areas to handle successfully the demands of the program.​

KinderClub Learning Center TOO is dedicated to continually add technology throughout our schools.

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