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Our infant program gives babies an opportunity to grow in a stimulating environment that meets their physical and psychological needs.

The program helps children to learn about themselves, their feelings (emotions), socialization (social), gross and fine motor skills (physical), and language and cognitive skills. The activities in this program will help infants improve their exploration skills, and gain strength and confidence to participate in more learning opportunities in future.

Your infant will respond beautifully to the protective and affectionate environment at Kinderclub Learning Center. As children’s physical and emotional needs are met, a sense of trust develops – both in themselves and what’s around them.

Our infants’ program makes good use of audio and visual technology for your 21st century child! We provide a positive environment that helps establish solid foundation for learning in later years. Every child is treated as an individual - and gets special attention.

The daily interaction during these programs will make your infant grow socially. He/she will learn to understand, interact with, and appreciate people outside the family circle as well.

At Kinderclub Learning Center TOO, your child will respond beautifully to a warm and affectionate environment. Find out more!

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